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Micro Market Vending Services

Delivery & Installation of Micro Markets Provided in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia Area & Its Surrounding Counties, Absolutely RISK-FREE.

Get Micro Market Vending For Your Business At Zero Cost

Micro Markets are the Future of the Vending Industry

Current, Modern & Up-To-Date

We stay on top of what's trending in the line of both healthy and traditional snacks and beverages.

Ability to Adapt Quickly

We can adapt the size of the micro market based on your business’ needs and grow with you, as needed.

App-Based Payment System

We utilize a state of the art app-based payment system powered by GrabScanGo.



Micro Market Services In the Metro Atlanta, Georgia Area & Its Surrounding Counties. Delivery & Installation of Micro Markets Provided At No Cost To Your Business, Absolutely Risk-Free.

Are you a business in the Metro Atlanta area looking to provide your employees with more dining options in the workplace? Aureus Micro Markets has great news for you! We are now offering FREE delivery, installation and service on state-of-the art micro markets throughout Metro Atlanta and the surrounding area.

At Aureus Micro Markets, we work with our clients to provide food and beverages that meet their unique needs. The key to becoming more productive is consuming high-quality snacks throughout the work day. Be part of the movement sweeping our nation and ensure a brighter future for your employees!

Let it be known – Aureus Micro Markets is Metro Atlanta’s premier provider of micro markets! We supply delicious food, sure to satisfy your team’s tastes and dietary restrictions. Our friendly product specialists will help you select the right variety of snacks and manage your inventory, so you never have to lift a finger.

Sign up for our free, full-service program. Routine maintenance and service includes cleaning your equipment, performing necessary repairs and rotating stock. If you run into any issues in the interim, all you have to do is call. We’ll send a representative over to address the problem right away.

You’ve heard the saying: Time is money. Why waste precious company hours traveling to and from restaurants all the way across town? Keep your employees on task and on site by supplying them with the foods they crave!

With our reasonable prices and helpful staff, we have a reputation for pleasing people. No matter if you work in an office building, medical center, manufacturing facility, hotel or apartment, good food will make all the difference in your team’s performance. Take advantage of our FREE program and watch your business flourish as a result!

Don’t exhaust any more time, energy and money than necessary in search of food and drinks. Aureus Micro Markets handles everything from start to finish, saving you precious resources. Not to mention, we’re always on call to provide assistance when you need it.

If you’re in search of Atlanta Micro Market Services, then we’ve got exactly what you’ve been looking for. Aureus Micro Markets offers plenty of products and the best customer care in the industry. Don’t wait a second longer. Fill out our short form today to get started!